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Helping International Businesses With Their Legal Questions

When international law is involved in a California business transaction, it adds an additional layer of complexity to what may already be a complicated process of completing the deal. At the Law Offices of H. Michael Soroy, in Los Angeles, foreign businesses and investors can benefit from our knowledgeable and experienced representation.

Mr. Soroy, our lead attorney, is fluent in Scandinavian languages and of course English. We are adept at assisting with international business transactions such as contract negotiations, asset purchases or sales, manufacturing agreements, and sales and distribution agreements.

Attorneys With The Knowledge And Experience To Help You

Perhaps you are a Brazilian business owner or a Scandinavian stockholder in need of local counsel in the Los Angeles area or anywhere in Southern California. Perhaps you are a California entrepreneur entering into manufacturing agreements with manufacturers located in China. Perhaps you are faced with a foreign customer who breached a purchase agreement.

Our international lawyers have the background, the experience and the communication skills necessary to render opinions designed to deliver value to your internationally oriented business endeavors.

Our attorneys are known for their responsive, attentive service and straightforward, businesslike approach to legal matters affecting businesses, both local and abroad.

Contact Our Firm To Find Out More

For an initial consultation with a California-based international lawyer, call us at 310-694-5527 in the U.S. or fill out our online intake form.