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Experienced Real Estate, Business And Estate Planning Attorneys

A legal issue affecting a company is quite simply a matter of business at the West Los Angeles Law Offices of H. Michael Soroy. We approach each client’s goals and needs, such as entity formation, contract review and negotiations, business and commercial transactions, commercial leases, business succession plans or international legal matters, from a businesslike viewpoint.

We invite you to schedule an initial consultation to discuss your specific situation.

Providing You The Legal Services You Require

Experienced MBA and attorney H. Michael Soroy gets straight to the point, with an expeditious, favorable resolution as the end goal in each situation. We emphasize a cost-benefit analysis from the client’s point of view. We understand the importance of pragmatic solutions and the bottom line.

In the great majority of business disputes, litigation is to be considered only as a last resort. With due consideration to the bottom line, a contentious dispute is similar to any other business transaction: a legal conflict calls for a swift, cost-effective resolution for the sake of the continued health of the business.

At the Law Offices of H. Michael Soroy, we make every effort to settle contract disputes through alternate means, including negotiations, mediation or arbitration. When litigation is the only option, we proceed quickly with all litigation pleadings and discovery, filing lawsuits promptly and decisively if this is necessary to move a business forward.

Our lawyers thrive on engaging in entity formation and other phases of business. When our clients wish to move their businesses to the next phase (progressing from sole proprietorship to LLC, for example, or expanding a partnership to include additional partners), they trust our business sense and finesse to help achieve goals efficiently.

International business players appreciate our ability to handle California-specific aspects of business transactions and litigation.

Putting Your Needs First

Los Angeles real estate attorneys and business lawyers at the Law Offices of H. Michael Soroy welcome inquiries regarding commercial leases, contracts, international law, or personal matters such as estate planning or probate administration. Give us a call today at 310-694-5527 or complete our easy intake form.