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Protecting Your Business Interest In Contract Litigation

Contract disputes can result in costly delays, business reputation damage, and other legal and financial consequences. While effective construction of solid contracts can minimize the extent of such damage, contract disputes may be inevitable in many situations — particularly when contracts or agreements contain ambiguous language or when the rights and obligations of the parties are unclear.

Business owners, real estate agents, stakeholders, landlords and other individuals throughout Southern California turn to the Law Offices of H. Michael Soroy for experienced, practical and effective resolution of breach of contract disputes.

Resolving Contract And Business Litigation Issues

Founder of our law firm, Los Angeles breach of contract attorney and MBA H. Michael Soroy has the legal and business knowledge to effectively resolve complex contract disputes. Our firm concentrates on pragmatic solutions with an attentive focus on the client’s needs and bottom line. We are trusted for our ability to effectively resolve contract disputes involving:

  • Vendor and distribution agreement disputes
  • Partnership disputes and other business operating agreement disputes
  • Severance agreement and key employee contract disputes
  • Commercial property disputes
  • Other business, commercial or real estate contract disputes

Contract disputes can arise as a result of any number of broken terms — failure to pay for goods or services, providing defective goods or deficient services, failure to comply with timeline requirements when time is of the essence, failure to comply with business process for dividing profits or liabilities, failure to convey commercial property defects in purchase and sale contracts, and countless other disputes.

In most situations, we find that cost-effective solutions, such as negotiation, mediation or arbitration of breach of contract disputes, achieve our clients’ objectives and long-term goals without the unnecessary expense and delay of business disputes. However, when it is in a client’s best interests, our Los Angeles breach of contract lawyers have the experience and skill to effectively serve a client’s interests at trial.

Working For You

For direct, results-oriented legal counsel, schedule an initial consultation with an experienced West Los Angeles business litigation attorney at the Law Offices of H. Michael Soroy. To schedule an appointment to discuss your contract dispute or potential lawsuit, call 310-694-5527 or complete our intake form in order to provide us with a more detailed description of your business matter and to maximize the efficiency of the initial consultation.