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Is A Trust Right For Your Estate Plan?

A revocable trust is a private, flexible instrument that is not normally subject to review by probate court. Experienced living trust lawyers at the Law Offices of H. Michael Soroy assist clients through the process of establishing and funding living trusts. From our offices in Los Angeles, we serve clients across Southern California.

We welcome the opportunity to review and amend existing testamentary documents. We advise clients on ways to ensure that an estate plan is comprehensive and is likely to accomplish the trust creator’s asset transfer goals. We invite you to give us a call to learn about our fixed-rate estate planning services and about how our lawyers can guide you through all phases of creating a living trust.

Drafting A Trust To Meet Your Needs

When we draft living trusts for our clients, we include instructions on how to prevent disputes in carrying out the provisions of a living trust after death — for example, by including a “no contest” clause, which states that anyone who disputes the trust will be disinherited.

Once we have determined the desired outcome and written the living trust documents to match those goals, we advise clients to give copies to successors, and to properly deed all property to the trust.

In our practice, we are known for our personal approach and the ability to give each client our undivided attention so as to ensure that our legal solutions meet the needs of the client in a practical, understandable manner.

Trust Lawyers Serving You

To schedule an initial consultation with an experienced lawyer at our firm, call 310-694-5527. If you prefer, you can also fill out our online intake form.