Unfulfilled Contingencies
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Helping With Litigation Of Contingencies In Real Estate Disputes

The Law Offices of H. Michael Soroy draws on more than 25 years of experience in law and in business. Our lawyers know resolving a dispute in a real estate deal is not always an either-or decision.

Litigation may very often be used as a business tool to resolve an obstacle. When we work with you to resolve a real estate dispute concerning an unfulfilled contingency, we focus on providing you with practical business solutions.

Experienced Business Advisors In Real Estate Disputes

We represent both buyers and purchasers. As a result, our strategies for you will include insights as to how the other side thinks.

Our attorneys assist clients with a comprehensive variety of unfulfilled contingencies. Those issues include basic but essential disputes, for instance, over what counts as fulfillment and the rights of both parties when a contingency is determined to have been unfulfilled.

Our years of experience mean we can help you resolve your dispute pragmatically. You can count on us to help you find a solution that is economically efficient as well as legally effective.

Experience also means we can help you even in situations where the law or the business relationship itself is unclear. We deliver seasoned judgment in both business matters and in legal matters.

You can rely on us to help you see when negotiation best serves your interests and when litigation or going to court better meets your needs. To make those determinations, we work with you on a personalized basis to get to know you and your business.

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