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Helping You Resolve Concerns Regarding Titles And Deeds

Before moving forward with a real estate transaction, both buyer and seller need assurance that title is clean.

At the Law Offices of H. Michael Soroy, we devote a substantial part of practice to making sure clients can get such assurance. This includes handling a full range of issue regarding real property titles or deeds in California: liens, tax liens/judgment liens, encumbrances, title opinions, title insurance policy review, escrow, contingency removal or terms removal.

Our experienced title examination lawyers are well-qualified and equipped to handle title and deed legal matters for property owners, buyers, sellers and commercial landlords.

Attorneys With Attention To Detail

We review title documents. We guide buyers and sellers in purchase procedures through escrow, negotiating with other parties as necessary, disputing unfavorable terms in purchase agreements, ensuring that titles are clean and contingencies are removed prior to closing. We file lawsuits in the event of a breach of contract by seller or purchaser.

Our title examination services are always delivered with professionalism and personal attention. We promptly respond to your concerns and questions, and we keep you well-informed as we efficiently and effectively handle your title issue. We are dedicated to meeting your goals and are aggressive in protecting and pursuing your rights and interests.

Our offices are conveniently located, and our office atmosphere is client-oriented. We look forward to explaining how we can be of service to potential buyers, sellers and commercial landlords in all aspects of titles and deeds. Our clients benefit from our knowledge and experience, and appreciate our real estate lawyers’ respectful and businesslike manner.

Providing Experienced Real Estate Representation

For an initial consultation regarding titles and deeds with an experienced California real estate lawyer at our firm, call 310-694-5527. Or, if you prefer, complete our email intake form.